Nour's letter to Obama


Senator Barack Obama

Democratic Candidate, US Presidency

 Dear Sir,

These lines, which I'm not certain will see the light or reach you, were written behind the walls of an old prison in the south of Cairo. This may be the oldest prison in Egypt and the Middle East.  The writer of these lines is a human being, about your age, who was –and still is- dreaming like you of change and reform in his country, this legitimate dream. However, in our countries legitimate dreams turn into horrifying nightmares!!

 Senator Barack Obama

-          The writer of these lines is Dr. Ayman Nour,

-          Born on 5th December 1964

-          Obtained a law degree in 1985 then obtained a PhD in Constitutional Law in 1995.

-          Worked in various fields, including law, journalism and human rights as I've founded the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights, the oldest and first civil organization that monitored human rights violations in Egypt.

-          Became a parliament member in Egypt in 1995 for the Middle Cairo area, the oldest and most densely-populated area in Cairo. My parliament membership continued (for 10 years) till I was imprisoned in 2005.

-          In 2004 I founded Al-Ghad (Tomorrow) liberal party after four rejections from the state.

-          I ran for the first presidential elections in Egypt's history in 2005 as candidate for the party I had founded and been elected leader of. I came in second to the current (and previous) president (1981 – 2008) in the presidential election among 10 parties. My campaign motto was "Hope for change"!!

-          The official charge in the documents is a claim that I was aware that forged powers of attorney were submitted to the state among the party establishing documents. It may surprise you to learn that the Egyptian law requires no more than 50 powers of attorney from any 50 Egyptian citizens!! We submitted thousands of powers of attorney which we had received from citizens. Although the charges were naïve, lacked logic and procedures were null because they violated my parliament immunity, the state assigned the case to a prosecution specialized in political cases (State Security Prosecution) then referred the case to a particular judge which specializes in political cases. This same judge had sentenced Saad Eddin Ibrahim and other Egyptian opposition figures to prison. He sentenced me to five years with labor in December 2005, in addition to prohibiting me from practicing any political, parliament or party profession or work for six years following the sentence!!

-          The real charge is that I committed the crime of dreaming of change!! That and competing with the president who had been ruling Egypt for 27 years!! I threatened his ream to hand down Egypt to his son who seeks to rule for another 27 years and monopolize the mechanisms of peaceful circulation of power

 Between the naïve and fake official charge and the real charge there was a considerable government package of political accusations that the official, government media sought to promote against me, all of which claim that I am supported by the United States of America's reform agenda in the region to achieve a model similar to that of Iraq!!

 This claim may be supported by a set of lies and rumors, in addition to only one truth, the fact that the US Congress, Administration and media object to the injustice and revenge I and my party were and continue to be subject to, as my party also got a serious and hidden share of unfair measures.

 Senator Obama

My real crime and the crime of the Al-Ghad liberal party is that we spoiled an old ongoing equation that the regime and party that has been ruling Egypt since 1952 have been promoting that they are the only choice in the face of the religious alternative represented in political Islam movements, particularly Muslim Brotherhood. Between the founding of Al-Ghad party in October 2004 and the presidential election in September 2005 we have provided practical and shocking evidence that an opposition liberal secular party can succeed to become a third party between an oppressive state and the Islamist Movement..a young alternative to an ageing regime, a popular and modern alternative to a domesticated opposition that has become marginalized, and a reasonable alternative that possesses the dream and the ability to fulfill this dream without disturbing the principle and priority of stability!!

 During that first presidential campaign that lasted for only 18 days we have presented a model of an election campaign that was the poorest ever but the most capable of awakening stagnant dreams and young capacity. The results, despite blatant rigging and terrorization, as well as monopolizing the sources of funding, media and state power and resources, showed a fetus that had started moving and coming to life in the womb of this nation and in the heart of the region that had been swimming in oppression.

 Senator Obama,

What happened to me was not only an assassination of my rights as a human being, citizen, nor just an assassination of my political party and its right to exist. It was an assassination of the last promising civil reformist dream, a confiscation of the right of my generation in this country and in the region to dream again of a peaceful, civil and reformist change in the shadow of the "flying wolf's head"!!

 I admit that we have not felt alone due to the objection and condemnation on part of the parliaments of the free world, the European Parliament (which issued a strong decision in 2008) of what I was and continue to be subjected to. There was also reservations expressed by the US Congress, Administration and President Bush in May 2007 in Prague and in May 2008 in Sharm al-Sheikh, as well as Secretary of State Dr. Condoleezza Rice on many of her visits to Cairo following our first –and last- meeting during her first visit which she had postponed more than once due to my first arrest.

 However, Egypt's regime has become accustomed to such pressures and has always proven its ability to ease them through an exchange of temporary regional roles and interests taking advantage of the seasonal nature of such pressures and its ability to maximize and play on US and Western fears of the spread of fundamentalism in the region, particularly the Hamas model. The Egyptian regime also takes full advantage of the constant tension in the region and the tarnished image of democratic reform due to events in Iraq. Egypt's regime also bets on the weakening criticism against its violations during the US election and administration change. Egypt's regime may take advantage of the time the new American administration may need to organize and fortify itself and hand down the country to the president's son while the world is busy with US election and White House changes.

 Senator Obama,

Me and the generation I belong to -in Egypt and the Arab region- which views you as a gifted and inspiring model for the dream of freedom and change and look forward to hearing from you –today, tomorrow and in the future- what may renews our legitimate dreams of freedom, justice and peace and render hope and the values of freedom and progress victorious over the frustrations brought about by old oppressive regimes that have for long decades enjoyed the support of major states in a losing bid between interests and principles where the values of oppression won to the disadvantage of principles and interests alike.

 I and my generation of reformists in Egypt, the Arab region and the Middle East do not only share your feelings because you belong to this generation and have become a leading figure of it, we also share many of your campaign opinions, as, for example:

1.       Concerning the withdrawal from Iraq

We agree with you, despite the differing reasons, of the importance of a quick withdrawal from Iraq making sure not to leave any permanent bases that may give constant rise and justification to extremism and terrorism. We clearly say that the Iraq model has become a major obstacle in the face of Arab reformists as regimes have used it and simple citizens fear a reform dream that would lead to a nightmare similar to that of the Iraq scarecrow. It's as if it is the fate of reformists and people in the Arab world to pay the price twice, the first time due to the presence of oppressive regimes, such as the Saddam Hussein and other regimes, and the second time with the elimination of such regimes and their replacement with chaos and bloodshed that render oppression the only option.

 2.       Concerning the Peace Process with the aim of establishing a Palestinian and an Israeli state

The declaration on 06/06/2008 considering Jerusalem an issue to be decided by negotiation between both parties renewed all of the region's peoples' hopes to reach a final, fail solution to this issue which has consumed the blood and capacities of the people and opened the door to fundamentalism, terrorism and oppression, each of which are justified as long as this issue remains unresolved.

 3.       Dialogue with Iran and Syria

Recent history affirms this dialectic relation between the person sitting in the White House and the Iranian tendency. Your presence in the White House will end the Ahmadi Nijad phase. When Clinton was US president, Iran elected the reformist Khatami, and when the White House methodology changed Ahmadi Nijad came to power. Your coming to power in the US will be a good reason for the end of the Nijad era to be replaced by Larijani or another leader capable of changing the roles and natures of the phase. This will also definitely reflect on the general mood in Damascus and Lebanon.

 4.       The priority of democratic reform in the region

We agree with the announcement you made on June 4th criticizing the policy of depending on Middle East dictators. However, some people linked the Minnesota speech to pressure on oil states!! Now remains the issue of the priority of democratic reform in the region in general and the importance of providing a clear vision as the right means to helping this region out of its fall and saving it from the terrorism and fundamentalism generated by oppressive regimes that monopolized means to peaceful circulation of power and that lacked any of the good governance characteristics. We still await, during the coming stage of your campaign, a clearer position towards issues of reform and freedoms through the agenda to be expected from a law professional, a lecturer of constitutional law, an attorney who has contributed for over 11 years (1993 – 2004) to the field of human rights and the Democratic Party candidate who has always been concerned with such issues, whether in power or not.

 Senator Obama,

The supporters of reform and freedom, headed by prisoners of consciousness in Egypt, Syria, Palestine and other countries await your declared and fixed position supporting their rights to life and freedom and their hope in change. Prisoners of consciousness in oppressive countries are deprived of the simplest human rights and subjected to the worst forms of violation and physical and psychological pressures in the absence of the justice of litigation and natural law. The authorities now use the incidents that took place in Abu-Ghraib and other detention places located outside the United States as a justification to violate the rights of innocent callers for peaceful reform in their countries saying that America, the country of freedom, is committing the same acts!!

 Senator Obama,

Your remark in the Minnesota June 4th speech on how serious it is to depend on and support dictatorships may be satisfactory but may not agree with the ambitions of Arab liberals, particularly in Egypt, Syria and Palestine where the disaster is harder. I only point out to parliament figures behind bars and paying a high price for their positions. They are threatened with murder through illness and pressures. I will not speak of my condition. I mean other figures for example in Syria, such as the Damascus Declaration group which includes former parliamentarians and liberals, such as liberal lawyer Anwar al-Binni and others. I also mention Palestinian parliament member Marwan al-Barghouty who is detained in Israel. The real hope lies in a strong alternative to Abbas capable of brining balance in the light of the popularity enjoyed by Hamas.

 As for Egypt, in addition to my situation, which I will not further detail, there are detainees in accordance with the Emergency Law from Al-Ghad party as a result of the April 6th strike and incidents, others from the Kefaya movement, Al-Karam party and Al-Amal (Labor) party, all of which are prohibited by law!! There are also Islamist and Muslim Brotherhood detainees and those referred to military trial. More important and in addition victims of oppression in Egypt, are the sources of such oppression, which in my estimate are:

1.       Article 76 of the Constitution, amended in 2005 and 2007 to eliminate any real competition to the president and the heir. The conditions are restrictive to the point of tailoring the position to the president and his son.

2.       Article 77, amended in 1980 to extend the president's term to become unlimited

3.       Constitutional amendment introduced in 2007 eliminating judicial supervision of elections. This results in further organized rigging of any parliament, local and presidential elections.

4.       Violating the principle and independence of litigation and public prosecution

5.       The regime monopolizes all media and means of real influence

6.       The state controls the establishing of political parties and interferes with their work, as well as robbing them (as was the case with Al-Ghad party)

7.       The continued enforcement of the Emergency Law for 27 years and applying it to political parties (as was the case with Al-Ghad party) and using it to prevent gatherings, demonstrations, expression, etc., particularly during the peaceful strike organized on April 6th.

8.       Using the directed judicial rulings, infiltrated judiciary and the government-controlled parliament to commit all forms of rights violations that allow those in power to monopolize power and terrorize opposition and reformists under a false cover of legitimacy.

9.       Confusing the state with the ruling party and ensuring that other parties remain weak. Exerting strong pressures on civil society institutions with the aim of controlling them or economically and legally restricting them.

10.   Promoting aggressive sentiments against all calls for reform under the pretext that they are pushed by foreign hands and echoing foreign agendas in surprising double standards as the regime seeks foreign support and cooperation while internally inciting aggressive sentiments against the West and accusing those who seek to communicate with it concerning political reform in particular of being its agents!!

Senator Obama

We await much from you as a Democratic candidate and president expected to lead the whole world towards a real and fair change. Your generation and all the powers of reform, democrats and liberals in Egypt and the Arab world hope that January 20th becomes a day of freedom and democracy, not only in the United States of America but in the whole world primarily by rectifying the wrongs caused by long years of supporting dictators under the pretext of protecting interests at the account of principles.

 Please accept my sincere wishes for your success.

 Your sincerely,

Dr. Ayman Nour

Tura Mazraa Prison

15 June 2008



In a statement from prison, Tuesday 22nd of July: Ayman Nour: "I am now detained by virtue of a Presidential Decree!!"


Presidential Decree pardoning prisoners who have served half their sentence on 23 July benefits convicts of 60 crimes that include espionage, murder, torture, insulting religion, raising prices, monopoly, false testimony. Ayman Nour is excepted from the pardon.


The Interior Ministry, the Prisons' Department and the administrations of 40 prisons were notified yesterday of the presidential decree pardoning the prisoners how have served half their sentences on 23rd July 2008. Article 3 of the Presidential Decree stated that the pardon does not apply to those deemed to be dangerous to public security and those –as is the case with Dr. Ayman Nour, leader of the Al-Ghad party and the number 2 presidential candidate in Egypt's first and last presidential election- charged with forgery. Nour was sentenced to five years on charges of forging some of the powers of attorney used to establish the Al-Ghad party in 2003 days following the mentioned election. The Political Parties Law requires the submission of 50 powers of attorney, at least half of which are workers and farmers, from those applying to establish political parties.


Nour issued a statement from his prison describing the Presidential Decree as a clear decision of detention against Nour from the source of the Decree, the President. He pointed out that it no longer makes sense to talk about the President not interfering with the Judiciary. When he issued the Decree, the President knew that serving sentences is subject to pardon after half the term of the sentence, a custom in Egypt since such decisions were issued by the Ottoman ruler on each religious feast.


Nour affirmed that the crimes excluded from the pardon are always those related to drug trafficking and espionage. The latter was eliminated from the list of excluded crimes in order to release spy Azzam Azzam.


In his statement Nour pointed out that the majority of pardon decrees during the rule of President Mubarak did not previously state that forgery is excluded from the pardon as is the case this year. These are Presidential Decrees 265 of 1997 published in issue 32 of the official gazette on 7/8/1997; 303 of 1998 published in issue 38 of the official gazette on 17/9/1998; 305 of 1999 published in issue 39 of the official gazette on 30/9/1999; 333 of 2000 published in issue 32 of the official gazette on 10/8/200 and other decrees which did not exclude forgery from the pardoned crimes!!


The statement denied any justification of this exclusion related to public interest or the seriousness of the crime as the pardon includes more serious crimes, such as murder, espionage, corruption, gambling, usury, and insulting religion, as well as endangering places of worship, raising prices, monopolies and false testimonies!!


Turrah prison, south of Cairo, Ayman Nour




This message is being filed to you by the Local Committee, for defending AYMAN NOUR; Which is the COMMITTEE that was set up in January 2005, directly after putting under arrest the Egyptian Parliamentarian & M.P./ AYMAN NOUR, leader and founder of El Ghad (i.e. TOMORROW) Political Party, and also being the most prominent symbol of Egyptian Political Opposition, and the competing candidate, who came out second form among ten candidates, in the First Presidential Elections carried out in September in 2005. And subsequent thereto, AYMAN NOUR was rearrested, and specifically, on Dec.5th, 2005.

And whereas the aforementioned Committee, is comprising among its members: leaderships, affiliated to political parties, partisan Syndicates & Trade Unions, independents as well an Egyptian and non-Egyptian M.P's – has commenced starting from today and thereafter, the start of the third year while being put under such arrest and the declining by the Authorities to set him free despite the deteriorating condition of his health, and his being subject – while being imprisoned – to serious violations and assaults against his life and his human rights. And the last one of such assaults had occurred on 12.5.2007 via the knowledge of two Police Generals – and thereby leaving behind on AYMAN NOUR's body some serious injuries, in addition to prohibiting him from obtainment of his rights in terms of medical treatment, and from visits to be paid by physician attending his case, and from taking delivery of foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, correspondents and papers, and banning him from writing and from being visited by his spouse. Actually, a Court RULING had been issued in his spouse's favour, empowering her to make such visits to her husband, but the authorities concerned, prohibited implementation of such RULINGS, that ordered handing over such foods and pharmaceuticals thereto and this being applicable to other RULINGS, issued in AYMAN NOUR's favour.

And whereas amidst all these circumstances, charged with arbitrariness together with the disregarding of all guarantees for human rights, as well as obstinacy from the part of the Authorities concerned – which reached the maximum of their extent, of late – upon the assassination of the witness for prosecution, namely AYMAN ISMAIL on 6.9.2007, that had taken place directly after expressing his desire to change his depositions, in such a way as would have uncovered the concocting of the charges fabricated against/ AYMAN NOUR , for the sake of which he had been put in prison; on the assumption of his (i.e. AYMAN NOUR's) prior knowledge of existence of forged Powers of Attorney on the papers required to be filed for establishing his Political Party. Despite the fact that the Egyptian Law does not stipulate, other than existence of a no. of 50 (fifty) of such Powers of Attorney only. And after all such number could not have constituted whatever difficulty for AYMAN NOUR that could have made him incapable of acting in compliance with such number required – putting in consideration that he had been an M.P. for mid-Cairo Constituency, and bearing in mind also that he had been an Opposition Liberal leader, who happened to have been the most popular and acceptable opposition leader, vis-à-vis the younger generations as the well as among educated classes who had voted, in favor of/ AYMAN NOUR in the first & last Presidential Elections ever held in Egypt – And pursuant to Governmental figures, he was supported by more than one half of a million votes – that is to say, three times as many as those obtained by all the ten candidates affiliated to the other Political Parties – with the exception of the current President, the candidate on behalf of the (Egyptian) Governing Political Party, namely President/ Mohamed Hosny Mubarak.

And whereas amidst all these circumstances and by way of giving expression to Egyptian and International solidarity with the prisoner, advocating and standing for freedom, namely, the Young Political Leader/ AYMAN NOUR (42 Years), our Committee has been resolved, on the occasion of the commencement of the third year for such imprisonment of AYMAN NOUR, that would also coincide with the 5th of Dec. in 2007, (it resolved) setting up a Celebration expressing our Solidarity with/ AYMAN NOUR, that would comprise all symbols of liberal freedom and advocates of democracy and human rights, in Egypt and the liberal world, at large…..

And whereas, and herein, the Committee has been resolved, in its Preparatory Meeting, for the Conference scheduled to be convened in Cairo on the Fifth of the Forthcoming Month of Dec., to be honoured to address this MESSAGE to you, hoping for your support as well as you participation and your solidarity, in backing up and giving support to the one imprisoned for his stand in defence of FREEDOM, in this Symbolic Celebration – which is addressing a Message in support of all dreamers of FREEDOM, of change, and democratic reform, all over the would at large; and particularly in the Middle East and the Arab World which is still suffering under despotic monopolistic regimes, that do not believe in the right of peoples to have a free choice and that do not flinch from persecuting its rivals under different allegations.

And herein, we may remember the model of the young political liberal leader AYMAN NOUR, as the most crystal-clear example, for terrorising these dreamers of freedom, being dreamers through democratic ways and means and mechanisms, thereby closing up venues of change and peaceful judicious rotation of power, and opening up venues for disputes of violence and terrorism – against which AYMAN NOUR, as well as his Political Party together with his supporters, had been combating by way of putting forward reformative visions advocating acceptance of views and tolerance and peace, of others.

The COMMITTEE is looking forward to your participation, through your attendance at the Conference, by way of participating with us, in the morning of the day of Dec. the 5th. for paying a visit to AYMAN NOUR in his jail, at TORA Jail Plantation; of South Cairo, wherein he is celebrating all alone by himself, in memory of his arrest, provisionally, on Dec. 5th. 2005, marking also his birthday (Dec. 5th 1964). Let us all, light up a candle for Freedom to light up the darkness of AYMAN NOUR's jail.

On its part, the Committee – would like, in case you find it not possible to participate personally, on this occasion, that you would be kind enough to send a letter, from your generous person, which is going to be read out, on your behalf, at the aforementioned Conference – in support of the Conference's Message which would coincide with the commencement of the third year for putting AYMAN NOUR in prison and that would coincide also with such genuine and local endeavors (Parliamentarian and Popular); and likewise, coinciding with International Parliamentarian Endeavors, calling for setting free/ AYMAN NOUR.

On our part, we have been launching this Conference by submitting hundreds of signatures, emanating from M.P.'s affiliated to the Egyptian Parliament, and from Political leaders, affiliated to Syndicates & Trade UNIONS, as well as from Representatives of Political Parties – that are going to be put forward, before the President of the Republic, to enact his right pursuant to the provisions under Article 149, by way of promulgating a Decree providing for granting a pardon over the punishment inflicted on AYMAN NOUR, so as to set him free in such a way as to be duly empowered to exercise his political rights – particularly thereafter the passage of one half of the duration of the punishment imposed on him, and in the light of the collapse in AYMAN NOUR's health. And you could contribute in this regard, by backing him up, through addressing a similar message on the site pertaining to Presidency of the Republic, on the Internet.

Likewise, we are also looking forward to addressing another Message, from you that would reinforce these endeavours, particularly those ones, which this International Parliamentarian UNION; and likewise numerous Non-Governmental and Voluntary Organizations, are looking forward to nominating and recommending that AYMAN NOUR be granted the NOBEL Prize for Peace over Year 2008 – in appreciation of his endeavours and what he has been suffering, while standing in defence of issues pertaining to freedom, advancement and in combating despotism and terrorism.

And while the Committee puts forward to you:

Its sincerest appreciation and respects and thanks for your endeavours and your stand as well as your history being replete with standing, in support of freedom worldwide, hopes you that you enjoy good health and happiness and permanent success, in service of your sublime Message, for the sake of freedom, democracy and peace all over the world, at large.

Phone: 0020123120000,0020105074468,0020101675158

The Local committee to defend Ayman Nour

Gamila Ismail
Basel Adel
Naglaa Fawzy
Israa Abdel Fattah

The Committee's Raporteur




In the name of God, Most Merciful

Chairman of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, Geneva,
Chairman of the European parliament,
The head of the human rights committee, the interparliamentary union,Ms Schwartz Ingeborg

I herewith forward to you the lawsuit filed at the African court for human rights by former Egyptian liberal Opposition parliamentarian,Dr Ayman Noor, who's been in prison for the last two years serving a sentence of five years for fabricated charges of forging documents to establish his party back in 2005, the year which witnessed the first presidential elections in Egypt's history, where Noor came second to Egypt's president Hosni Mubarak. This lawsuit has been presented before the African commission for human rights, upon its visit to Cairo last month. Kindly read the violations that Noor is facing in prison and kindly advise us and his lawyers of any similar procedure that he can do in conformity with the regulations and procedures of the respected parliaments-the inte-parliamentary union and the European parliament. Il be glad to recieve your questions and give more information in Cairo or at the headquarters in Geneva or Brussels or by phone 0020123120000--0020129044441

Best Regards, Gameela Ismail, wife of Ayman Noor

Secretary General of the African Union
Chairman of the African Commission for Human Rights,
Deputy Chairman of the African Commission for Human Rights,
Mr. Yasser Mohsen and members of the delegation accompanying him on the promotion trip to the Arab Republic of Egypt in August 2007
The 11 members of the Commission

Dear Esteemed Sirs,

I: Subject: Lawsuit filed before the African Court for Human Rights through the Commission

II: Submitted by: Dr. Ayman Abdel-Aziz Nour, Against: A state party to the Covenant (details to follow)

a. Based on the international documents related to human and people's rights, approved by the United Nations and its affiliated organizations where states party to the African Charter on Human and People's Rights are members, as well as all the documents approved within the framework of the Union and the Non-Aligned States' Movement. III: Procedural regulations governing the lawsuit and the information submitted to the Commission are as follows:

b. In accordance with the provisions of the African Charter on Human and People's Rights, particularly the procedural articles 46, 47, 48 and articles 55, 65/1 until 65/7 and 62, as well as the regulations adopted on 6 th October 1995 in accordance with article 422 of the Charter, particularly regulation 20 (duties of the Deputy Chairman), regulation 29 (sub-committees) and regulation 87/3 (reports on visited states).

c. In accordance with Chapter 16 on protection activities and procedures to consider information (article 47/5 of the Charter), particularly regulation 88/2 and paragraph 3 thereof which allows the provision of information in any trusted, credible and practical method, as well as the provisions of the second part related to procedures of considering complaints in accordance with articles 48 and 49 of the Charter, as well as regulations 93 and 104/2 (request of clarifications from the person who submitted the complaint within suitable notice).

d. As well as in accordance with the provisions of the Charter's Protocol with relation to establishing the African Court for Human Rights, 1997 , particularly article 6 thereof related to Exceptional Jurisdiction that permits the court, regardless of article 5, to allow individuals and non-government organizations, to file lawsuits before the court in accordance with article 55 of the Charter. The court in such cases may try the cases or refer them to the Commission. Also, in accordance with the regulations related to procedures before the court (article 30), approval (article 31) and article 111 on temporary procedures.

e. In accordance with the rules of used languages, including the Arabic language, as well as the conditions related to received correspondence as stated in points 1 - 7 of article 56.

f. In accordance with the legal rules and principles applicable to the lawsuit within the framework of international law, international humanitarian law, international law related to human rights and the provisions approved by the UN and its specialized organizations where party states are members, as well as in accordance with the documents approved and ratified by African states, we hereby present a summary of the lawsuits data and subject as follows:


Esteemed Deputy Chairman of the African Commission
Mr. Yasser al-Hassan and members of the delegation accompanying him on the promotion trip to the Arab Republic of Egypt in August 2007, Cairo
We welcome you on your visit which we have been waiting for for a long time now, hoping that the visit achieves its noble goals within the framework of the Commission's major tasks and the great hopes vested in the Commission's role in supporting and protecting human rights in our great continent.

From our prison we heard on the morning of Wednesday, 29 August the sounds of the celebration organized by the prison authority during your esteemed Commission's visit to the Zira'a sector of the Tura prison. We were -and still are- hoping to have the pleasure of this visit at the Tura General Mazra'a prison which is only a few centimeters away from the location of the mentioned celebration, these few centimeters represent the thickness of the wall separating the location where those under precautionary detention are held (where you were received) and the genera prison where I'm writing you this claim/complaint and where I've been for two years now. Muslim Brotherhood leaders are also held in the same place as I, although in a separate area from me.

Deputy Chairman of the African Commission for Human and People's Rights, Reiterating our welcome

IV: Data In accordance with article 56 of the Charter and regulation 1045:

1- Submitted by: Dr. Ayman Abdel-Aziz Nour, known as: Dr. Ayman Nour

2- Address: 4 Al-Malik al-Afdal St., Zamalek, Cairo, Arab Republic of Egypt who has been, since 5 December 2005, resident of the Tura General Mazra'a prison, South Cairo.

3- Age: 42 years, 10 months

4- Nationality: Egyptian

5- Profession: Attorney, journalist and representative in the Egyptian parliament from 1995 till 2005.

6- Political identity: Chairman of Ghad liberal opposition party. Former founder and current leader of the mentioned party. Deputy Chairman of the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights since 1997 and candidate to the first presidential election in Egypt's history in 2005 where I came second immediately following the current president in September 2005.

7- Name of the complained-against state: Arab Republic of Egypt

8- Purpose of the complaint: To take the necessary measures in accordance with the Charter, regulations and international documents and treaties ratified by the United Nations, the African Union and international law.

9- Violated provisions of the Charter: Following is a brief list of the violations pending submission of the explanatory memorandum within a week from the receipt of the submitted memorandum:

a. Aritcle 2: discrimination on the basis of the prisoner's opinions and political position

b. Article 3: Loss of equal protection before the law

c. Article 4: Violating my right to respecting my life and moral and physical safety.

d. Article 5: Incidents of torture and brutality against me documented in official reports.

e. Article 7: Violating my right to litigation

f. Article 7 c: Violating my right to defense, to attend court sessions and contact my lawyer

g. Article 9: Violating my right to obtain information

h. Article 9/2: Violating my right to expression as guaranteed in accordance with article 47 of the Egyptian Constitution

i. Article 16: Violating my right to medical treatment and a suitable health condition

j. Article 16/2: Violating my right to obtain the suitable health and medical care for my condition and executing me outside the framework of the law

k. Article 26: Violating all forms of the independence of the Judiciary and national courts

l. Article 26: Canceling all my rights related to resorting to legal entities, such as public prosecution -which has failed to fulfill its role and exercises the opposite of its role as it refrained from settling 1095 complaints submitted to it with relation to serious violations against my constitutional rights and my rights as a human being and prisoner. It has exerted pressure on human rights entities for obvious reasons. Moreover, it has committed legal crimes within this context.

10- Local means have been exhausted: As the detailed presentation of incidents and facts shows, all the local means of complaints, challenge, petition and request that measures are taken have been exhausted in vain. The Constitution is rendered ineffective in the face of fixed and extremely serious violations as well as oppression and unfair actions. All this will be presented in details in the explanatory memorandum as we prepare to present all the supporting evidence, documents, witnesses, reports and photos, including the 1095 complaints to the prosecutor general, all in vain.

11- International investigation No previous complaints have been filed with the aim of conducting international investigations or calling for a settlement body, although some rights organizations issues statements and reports some of which we will attach to the explanatory memorandum, the request and the complaint.

12- General summary of the incidents: pending the submission of the explanatory memorandum and documents:

a. In 2003/2004 I submitted five applications to establish a political party, four of which were rejected and the fifth -related to Al-Ghad (Tomorrow) party- was accepted. The rejected party applications were "Liberal Al-Ghad Party", "Al-Ghad Movement" and "Free Ghad". Rejections came from the government committee which received the official documents for reasons unrelated to the form or the required number of founders of 50 persons.

b. In October 2004 Al-Ghad party was born.

c. Eighty-nine days later parliament immunity was withdrawn from me through a request submitted at dawn on 28 January 2005. I was arrested inside the People's Assembly on 29 January 2005 and placed in prison after I was physically assaulted and psychologically pressured.

d. The false and forged accusation against me consisted in the claim that original founders' powers of attorney, copies of which were submitted to the government Committee since 2003, were forged.

e. This took place after I announced nominating myself to the first presidential election

f. The case was referred to a court the judges of which were chosen not according to their natural jurisdiction. Before that, the prosecution selected -State Security Prosecution.

g. The trial was subject to a legal and judiciary farce we will present in details later.

h. I was sentenced to five years in prison in December 2005 following the presidential elections where I finished second among 10 candidates

i. Since I came to prison I have been subjected to procedures and actions that seriously violate my rights as a human being and a prisoner, including the following in summary:

1. The use of brutality: Attached please find a copy of the official forensic medical report and photos of a single incident that took place on 12 May 2007 which resulted in a number of serious injuries.

2. Depriving me of my right to obtain treatment for over a year. We shall submit the documents to support this.

3. Depriving me of my right to civilian food (supporting documents shall be submitted).

4. Depriving me of my right to defense and to attend sessions (supporting documents shall be submitted).

5. Depriving me of my right to correspondence and writing (supporting documents shall be submitted).

6. Depriving me of my right to family visits. I have obtained final court decisions that have not been enforced.

7. Depriving me of the right to meet and consult with lawyers in private (supporting documents shall be submitted).

8. Depriving me of my right to release on health basis due to the illness that threatens my life. This has been achieved through introducing illegal (forged) changes to official medical reports. The forgery is evident and we shall submit the original documents before and after they have been forged. Note: These are just examples the details of which shall be in the explanatory memorandum, as well as the documents that verify each incident in detail.

Finally, the Requests:

I: According to the above, I plead with you to immediately commence the measures stated in the African Charter for Human and People's Rights, as well as in the principles and rules organizing the work of the African Court for Human and People's Rights against the government of the Arab Republic of Egypt for the actions taken against, each of which represents a serious and grave human rights violation.

II: I request to be referred to the Commission or its representative in charge of prisoners' affairs. I request that promotion delegation visits me during its presence in Cairo. I request a hearing to any clarifications by my general representative, my wife, Mrs. Gamila Mohamed Ismail whom I delegate and give authority regarding this issue. I also authorize her to submit any documents or papers that the Commission or the Court request, as well as authorizing her to address, correspond with, communicate with an exchange information and data with the Commission in this regard.

III: I request setting a suitable deadline, at least one week, to submit the explanatory memorandum of the lawsuit and its document folders, particularly if the Commission sets an entity to receive the mentioned documents in Cairo, provided the Commission actually has a person to perform this task.

IV: Upon the delegation's or its representative's arrival to the site of my imprisonment I request that they demand to inspect the evidence of torture and brutality on my body and checking this evidence against official rights and medical reports.

V: I call upon the Commission and the court to resort to the exceptional jurisdiction in accordance with article 6 of the Protocol of the African Charter related to establishing the court. I also call upon the Commission and the Court to hasten to take the necessary measures to preserve any remaining chances of saving my life in the light of the continuing violations referred to above, as well as other violations that threaten my life and safety at all times.

Please accept my thanks and appreciation.

Dr. Ayman Abdel-Aziz Nour
On 1 September 2007 from the General Tura Mazra'a prison
South Cairo, Arab Republic of Egypt



Ayman beaten up by prison guards simply because he refused to walk up the stairs after requesting to take the elevator due to health issues!
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Jailed Egypt politician assaulted in court - wife
12 May 2007 20:50:12 GMT
Source: Reuters

CAIRO, May 12 (Reuters) - The wife of jailed Egyptian opposition politician Ayman Nour, the main challenger to Hosni Mubarak in a 2005 presidential election, said he was assaulted by security men on Saturday in a courthouse stairwell.

"He was beaten up in the court," Gameela Ismail told Reuters. "They dragged him on the stairs ... They dragged him and pushed and pulled him." An Interior Ministry spokesman said he had no knowledge of any incident involving Nour, a diabetic who has heart problems but has so far failed to win an early release on health grounds.

Nour came a distant second to Mubarak in Egypt's first multi-candidate presidential election in 2005. He is serving a 5-year jail term after being convicted of forging signatures to found his opposition Ghad party. He says the criminal charges were fabricated to keep him out of political life. He campaigned against Mubarak on a liberal secular platform and won 8 percent of the vote.

Nour had been in court in relation to a wrongful termination lawsuit he filed several years ago against a newspaper where he had worked as an editor until 2001, Ismail said.

She said Nour's lawyers had reported that he was dragged and beaten when he refused to walk up several flights of stairs. He had asked to take the elevator, complaining of joint problems, she added.

Ismail said he told his lawyers that he had been assaulted by three officers, and that Nour's lawyers had seen bruises on his legs and wrists.



Arab Republic of Egypt - Cairo

Prof.-Dr./ Ahmed Ibrahim Al-Saginy

Forensic Medicine & Forgery Research Consultant

Professor of Forensic and Poisons Medicine

Faculty of Medicine - Ain Shams University

Index of Consultancy Forensic Medicine Report Edited on Health Condition of Mr. / Ayman Abdel Aziz Mohamed Nour Convicted in Case No. 184/2006 South Cairo Investigation

Introduction 1
Assaying submitted documents 2
Conclusion of Assaying 18
Conclusion and medicinal consultancy Opinion 19

Final Consultancy Opinion 26

Submitted Documents

Conclusion and medicinal consultancy Opinion

From the foregoing, Legitimate Medical Advisory Committee considers the following:

First: All medical reports and report of the Forensic Medicine headed by Head of Forensic Physicians of Prison agreed with physicians and consultants report issued by foreign bodies in different dates prior to current legal problems - which confirm its neutralism - which the convicted Ayman Abdel Aziz Nour is suffering from the following health problems:

1- The increasing number of cardiac impulses from the natural rate (60-90 / min), where number of pulses reached 95-108 / min. This leads to a lack of blood flow to the brain in the appropriateness way and to heart muscle itself.

2- Increase of sugar level in blood for many years, which leads to changes in different blood vessels.

3- Simple sugar changes in eye retina, and that means occurrence of sugar retinal separation, which threaten blindness to patient, if not prevent by regular periodical examination and organizing sugar and conducting laser for bleeding vessels or those in bleeding phase, obviously, blindness is a permanent disability never could be cure.

4- Existence of coronary thrombosis as showed the heart catheter the possibility of infraction in heart muscle as a result of clot in coronary artery which may leads to sudden death.

5- Decrease in marginal blood circle as established in Head of Forensic Physicians report "simple coolness in inferior parts and some appearance of simple thickness in their blood vessels", which leads to diabetes gangrene in feet and lop it off, and this is also a permanent disability never could be cure.

6- Increase in blood pressure which leads to brain bleeding a s a result of brain arteriosclerosis (thrombosis= precipitation of harm fats in arteries walls which leads to its sclerosis).

7- Existence of dislodge between the fifth and sixth spinal vertebras as a result of car accident on Year 1998 with existence of spondylolisthesis between the sixth and seventh vertebras, along with existence of looseness changes in neck cartilage between these two vertebras with existence of pressure upon neck spinal cord as well as on hands (lack of feeling on hands fists), its means necessity of availability of special physical medicine for long periods in experts' centers to prevent occurrence of quadriplegia.

8- Peripheral neuropathy, which should be avoided to prevent lack of feeling in feet.

9- A diagnostic hear catheter was conducted and fixture of abutment on Year 2001 and that means existence of stenosis in coronary arteries, which demands precise medical following and regular cure to prevent occurrence of infraction in heart muscle, which leads to sudden death.

10- Abrasion in knees cartilages (rudeness in knees joints) with slight ooze in them.

11- Fatty Liver - ruddy salty precipitation in kidneys - minor prostate hypertrophy.


Actually all these illnesses their reflection are increasing and their functions deteriorating by time in the absence of accurate serious continued following, and could cause permanent disability such as blindness (complete disability of seeing) or lopping off one or both inferior parts, and possibility of quadriplegia or sudden death as mentioned in report of Head of Forensic Physicians.

Second: Forensic medicine report issued by Head of Forensic Physicians stated that correlation of diabetes increase, which convicted suffers from since a long time ago; leads to changes in blood vessels as happened to convicted represented in coolness in inferior parts and diabetes changes in eye retina and changes in arteries thrombosis particularly in coronary and kidneys arteries. And maybe renal failure takes place as patient suffers due to correlation of diabetes since along time ago in the case of convicted Mr./ Ayman Nour.

Report assured that the changes in blood vessels due to correlation of diabetes increase might cause narrowing in coronary arteries, which leads to close, and followed by sudden death of convicted Mr. / Ayman Nour without any clear incident, and that correlative usually effects nervous feeding; matter that might decrease pain feeling or appearance of any incidents.

It's well known that sudden death from forensic medicine point of view it's a quick death takes place without any alarm or clear reason to person physically appears his is in good health, but he's subject to illness he doesn't know nor those are surrounding him (such called sudden death as all forensic medicine agreed with locally and internationally).

Sudden death occurs to all ages mostly wit men than women, and its percentage increase in fourth or fifth decade, where sickness changes exist in blood circle (heart, blood vessels, arteries, veins and capillary veins particularly brain, heart, eyes and kidneys vessels) and these sickness changes effect with external elements which help sudden death to take place such as physical efforts or psychological emotion.

It's clearly appear that all these specification are exists with the case of convicted Mr. / Ayman Nour, meaning sickness reason are already existed and fixed and wee be diagnosed and assured along with the supporting elements as well exist and took place before.

Reasons of sudden death divided into two parts:

1- Sickness reasons cause sudden death separately; such as:

a- Heart diseases, most important one is narrowing of coronary arteries and occurrence of bloc in heart coronary arteries due to existence of thrombosis in its walls.

b- Bleeding or bloc in brain resulted from blood pressure rise and its effects on thrombosis brain arteries due to long existence of high level of diabetes for a long time. It's clear tat in the case of convicted person that he suffers from this correlation, in addition to high blood pressure and occurrence of thrombosis in walls of blood vessels, as well as the fixture of abutment previously done to patient as an evident of narrowing existence in it.

c- Sickness reasons have a relationship with respiratory system.

2- Reasons help for sudden death with external elements:

a- Psychological emotion.

b- Minor shock to sensitive physical parts such as stomach, throat or testicles…etc

c- Physical efforts.

It's assures and obvious, that availability of external elements assist to sudden death are exist in case of Dr. / Nour.

That means sickness and illness reasons for sudden death are existed and were diagnosed in patient lifetime, and external elements and reasons assist to sudden death are available in patient lifetime.

That, words of sudden death which forensic report of Head of Forensic Physicians will take place and its not assumed.

And it's well known that if cases of sudden death are diagnosed, especially with existence of eternal elements that support this type of death, thus, immediate action should be taken to end this situation under intensive medical care and traced one and offer necessary medicine for that.

Mentioned convicted is actually threaten with sudden death and not assumed, due to existence of sickness reasons that cause sudden death (correlation of high diabetes for long time and its affections in changes it make in coronary arteries) beside availability of external elements that assist sudden death.

Therefore he needs:

1- Regular accurate treatment for diabetes and follow it wit examinations to decrease it to reach normal levels.

2- Regulating blood pressure and maintain it in normal levels.

3- Maintaining blood liquidly to prevent bloc occurrence especially in coronary arteries and brain arteries.

4- Fixture of abutments in coronary arteries and possibility of conducting surgical operation to change due to several problems might take place, in addition to server price of these abutments.

5- Giving regular medication to prevent and stop occurrence of thrombosis in blood vessels, consequently preventing occurrence of narrowing in arteries particularly the coronary.

6- Conducting physical medical treatment for a long period with a correct and precise method in a specialist center for neck vertebras quadriplegia as there is a start of pressing upon spinal in neck area.

7- Injection of liquid (similar to lubricating liquid be excreted by lined membranes in joints) in both knees to stop leakage in cartilages.


And due to unavailability of treatments pervious mentioned, in particular the first five ones that make word of sudden death come in report of Head of Forensic Physicians with no doubt, it's the truth and that sudden death will take place.

It's must that opinion of Head of Forensic Physicians about aforementioned reasons which leaded by convicted suffer from it for a long time of period, correlated with high level of diabetes along with changes in coronary arteries and availability of eternal elements that assist its affections will lead to sudden death at any time which stated in all medical reports (with our reservation as consulting committee for the absence of pervious forensic medical reports prior to report of Head of Forensic Physicians, such as report of Dr. / George Barakat Nassef, the forensic physician in Forensic Medicine Department).

Thus, we as a consulting committee, see necessity of emplacing said person in a hospital where intensive medical care with different specializations includes internal medicine, diabetes, blood vessels, brain and nerves surgery, physical medicine, bones, dentist, to cure assured reasons and approved one for occurrence of sudden death; and aforementioned specializations aren't available in prison hospitals and conditions.

Final Consultancy Opinion

As previously reported, committee sees that said patient is sick with (Accelerated high level diabetes and blood pressure since a long time) which threatens his life with danger, possibility leads to permanent disability, completely or partially, either by blindness or quadriplegia.

Members of Forensic Medical Consultant Committee

Prof.-Dr. / Magdy Mahmoud Al-Melegy

Prof.-Dr. / Mohi Kaddry Al-Masry

Prof.-Dr. / Mona Al-Qutob Mousa

Prof.-Dr. / Amir Seddky Ahmed

Head of Forensic Medical Consultant Committee

Prof.-Dr. / Ahmed Ibrahim Al-Saginy

Issued on: 21/04/2007

Consultative Forensic Medical Report
With Relation to Case 16241 of Judicial year 61 -
Postponed to the 24/04/2007 Session
Concerning the convicted claimant Ayman Abdel-Aziz Nour


Dr. Ali Gamal Eddin Abdel-Aal

Forensic Medicine Department Head and Professor

Kasr al-Aini Medical School, Cairo University

Member of the Forensic Medicine Supreme Consultative Council

Consultative Forensic Medical Report With Relation to Case 16241 of Judicial year 61 - Postponed to the 24/04/2007 Session concerning the convicted claimant Ayman Abdel-Aziz Nour

In response to the request submitted by Cassation Lawyer Mr. Amir Salem, given power of attorney to defend the convicted claimant Ayman Abdel-Aziz Nour with relation to the above mentioned case, I, Dr. Ali Gamal Eddin Abdel-Aal, Professor and Head of the Forensic Medicine Department at the Kasr al-Aini Medical School, Cairo University, member of the Justice Ministry's Supreme Forensic Medical Consultative Council - headed by the Prosecutor General and Forensic Medical Consultant - registered with Egypt's General Doctors' Union as a Consultant under the specialization of Forensic Medicine, hereby establish the following:

I have seen a photocopy of the Forensic medical report issued from the office of the Justice Ministry's Forensic Medicine Sector Head and prepared by the three-member committee formed in accordance with the decision of the south Cairo prosecution on 23 September 2006 headed by Dr. Mustafa Ayman Mahmoud al-Saadani, Assistant Chief Forensic Doctor, and Dr. Eid Kamel Mohamed, Brigadier Doctor at the Prison's Authority Medical Department concerning prisoner Ayman Abdel-Aziz Nour dated 25 January 2007. The Committee has approved the stated diagnosis and mentioned it in detail several times, the latest of which under the title of "Case Discussion and Opinion."

The aim of this exercise is to express scientific and technical forensic medical opinion about the content of the report and the opinion it reached.

I acknowledge the following:

I: Summary of the content of the mentioned forensic medical report diagnosing the medical condition of the claimant prisoner Ayman Abdel-Aziz Nour

The above-mentioned three-member committee which prepared the mentioned forensic medical report, performed its medical examination of the mentioned prisoner on 07 October 2006 at the Mazraat Turah prison hospital after the prisoner was summoned to the clinic. The three-member committee has also examined medical documents and the reports of some medical tests the Committee had requested. The Committee has consequently reached a conclusion represented in the following diagnosis of the medical condition of the prisoner Ayman Abdel-Aziz Nour:

A set of ailments represented in diabetes, high blood pressure, knee joint roughness, roughness and disk collapse, osteophytes in the form of protrusions in the 5th, 6th and 7th cervical vertebrae. The blood analysis requested by the Committee showed diabetic content of 307 mgm/100 ml (fasting). Thus, the Committee diagnosed the mentioned prisoner's condition as suffering from diabetes combined with high blood pressure for a long time which resulted in diabetic changes in the retina and coronary (artery) atheroma.

As exactly mentioned under point (4) of Case Discussion and Opinion, the Committee explained that it is scientifically known that diabetes takes place when there is a metabolic imbalance and is characterized by high blood sugar rates due to the imbalance of insulin secretion from the Pancreas gland or when various tissues of the body do not respond to the effect of insulin. This condition has a number of potential complications, including the effect on various blood vessels, particularly the ones in the extremities in general, and blood circulation to the two lower extremities in particular. In the long term this may result in narrowing of the mentioned blood vessels and negative impact on the circulation which may lead to diabetic gangrene. Moreover, this condition may also result in changes in the vision due to the retinal changes resulting from long-term diabetes. The condition also affects the kidneys which affects their functions. In addition, the condition affects the heart by causing narrowing of the coronary vessels which may lead to a blood clot and sudden death without apparent symptoms or signs particularly that this condition usually affects nerve supply and the nerves which reduces feeling pain or showing symptoms. Thus, the mentioned condition has a long-term impact that affects the general condition of patients suffering from it long term. This may apply to the prisoner's cases. (This is exactly what was stated in the forensic medical reports issued by the mentioned three-member committee).

II: The result reached by the mentioned forensic medical report

Despite the mentioned diagnosis, the Committee's opinion stated the following:

"Thus, the Committee has reached a consensus concerning the above and decides:

1. The condition of the prisoner Ayman Abdel-Aziz Nour, in accordance with the diagnosis, is that he suffers from diseases represented in diabetes combined with high blood pressure which did not result in congestive heart failure. He also suffers from roughness of the knee joints.

2. The condition of the mentioned prisoner's heart is balanced. He does not suffer from congestive heart failure. His general health condition seems upon examination to be within the limits that allow him to remain imprisoned as his health condition does not pose current threat to his life, particularly if he is placed under medical care through being taken to the specialized hospital in prison for follow up, treatment, observation and to provide the basic features of medical care for the condition we have mentioned.

III: Case discussion and what was stated in the Committee's report under my observation

1. We have been able to confirm that the mentioned Committee has reached, confirmed and acknowledged the actual diagnosis of the case, which is that prisoner Ayman Abdel-Aziz Nour suffers from diabetes and high blood pressure with a history of severe heart attacks and coronary insufficiency which required coronary catheterization and stinting the coronary arteries in 2002. He also suffers from roughness of the joint of the two knees and roughness and osteophytes, as well as cervical prolapse in discs 5, 6 and 7 of the neck with the beginning of actual complications in the arteries of the extremities, the retina, atheromic narrowing of the coronary arteries, residue in the right kidney with inflammation of the prostate. The latest blood analysis (fasting) have also showed a rise in the level of blood sugar reaching 307 mg/100 ml which demonstrates failure to completely control the condition as well as the beginning of complications in the eyes, extremities, kidneys and arteries.

2. It is scientifically known that diabetes and high blood pressure are directly affected by the patient's psychological and nerve condition . The occurrence of complications is directly related to the patient's psychological condition, as well as the regular medical care and accurate medical control of the level of blood sugar with the special nutrition .

question included in the prosecution's decision to form the committee. The question was whether the continued 3. The mentioned three-member committee did not provide a specific and direct medical reply to public prosecution's imprisonment of the mentioned prisoner Ayman Abdel-Aziz Nour poses a threat to his life or results in total incapacitation. Rather than answer the question, the Committee mentioned again the description of the condition as diabetes combined with high blood pressure, then mentioned that it has not resulted in congestive heart failure. It is worth mentioning that congestive heart failure would have resulted in the death of the mentioned prisoner. This means that the Committee stated a condition that did not take place so far, thank God, but failed to reply to prosecution's question about the potential of this taking place, or the possibilities of death, a permanent disability or total incapacitation of the mentioned prisoner due to his remaining in prison while suffering all the mentioned serious ailments which are affected by his psychological and nervous condition, as these conditions have already started to deteriorate and cause complications which may lead to sudden death any minute, as well as permanent disability and total incapacitation due to the complications, such as loss of sight, kidney failure, etc., as mentioned by the three-member committee itself in its mentioned report, particularly with the patient's deteriorating psychological condition and the absence of complete accurate medical and treatment controls of the mentioned ailments and illnesses, the most important of which are controlling the level of blood sugar, blood pressure, heart rate, the condition of the coronary arteries and kidney functions.

V: Opinion

Based on the above, we conclude that the claimant prisoner Ayman Abdel-Aziz Nour suffers from a number of serious ailments represented in high blood sugar rates (diabetes) combined with high blood pressure and arrhythmia which resulted in initial complications in the form of changes in the coronary arteries, as well as the arteries in the eyes and extremities, in addition to fatty liver; roughness and cervical prolapse in C5, 6 and 7 of the neck; roughness of the joints of the two knees and the accumulation of residue and a stone in the right kidney. Accordingly, I decide that the mentioned illnesses threaten the patient's life and render him completely incapacitated as a result of enforcing sentence. I believe that the mentioned illnesses constitute acceptable medical cause for his medical release for fear for his life and to avoid his complete incapacitation.

22 April 2007

Dr. Ali Gamal Eddin Abdel-Aal

Forensic Medicine Professor and Department Head

Kasr al-Aini Medical School,

Cairo University Member of the Justice Ministry's

Supreme Consultative Council of Forensic Medicine

13-A document from the oral medicine and teeth implanting by Dr. Bassem Samir on 2/10/2006, indicating that patient Ayman Nour suffers from corrosion in the upper and lower maxillas due to diabetics He needs maxilla bone implanting and teeth implantation.

14- Report by Dr. Fahim Abdul Azeem Ragab the director of critical cases that is referred Prof. Ashraf Hatem G. director of Cairo university hospital indicating that the patient suffers long ago from blood hypertension and glycosuria, coronary artery malfunction, frequent coma, and dyspena, Moreover, the patient needs catheterization to image the mitral arteries.

15- Ultra sonic rays on heart (patient: Ayman Nour on 6/12/2006 issued from the critical cases and concluding that the patient has impaired LV relaxation and simple recess in the mitral value.

16- Report of ultra sound abdominal x-rays and pelvis at the diagnostic radiology dept, Cairo university hospitals on 6/12/2006, patient: Ayman Nour. The report concluded that the patient suffers from simple fatty liver and prostatic swelling , and prostatic with coarse stoning.

17- Doppler colored report on vertebro-basilar-insufficiency symptom and external pressure (tension) on the bone protrusions of the cervical vertebrae. The report made and signed by Dr. Abu Al - Magd on 6/12/2006.

18- A report of vasiongraph for the patient :Ayman Abdul Aziz Nour made and signed by Dr. Fahim Ragab, Prof. of critical medicine and Dr. Ahmed Abdul Aziz, Ass. Lecturer of medical critical cases, Cairo University. The same report was issued from the hospitals of Cairo universities indicating occurrence of arteriosclerosis change in the mitral (coronary artery ).

19- MRI report for the patient: Ayman Nour on 6/12/2006, signed by Dr. Rami Edward , indicating the following . a- Bone protrusions, simple coarseness in the cervical vertebrae. b - Simple cartilage olisthy ( spondrlosis ) , in the cervical vertebrae 5/6, 6/7.

20- Two MRI reports,of patient Ayman Nour on 6/12/2006, indicating pathological changes and knee (two) leakage signed by Prof. Dr. Hazem Muharram issued from Kasr Il - Einy hospital , MRI unit.


Second : Legal (Forensic) Medicine :

1- Report No. 10 legal (forensic) medicine.

2- Report No. 10 forensic jails medicine on 8/2/2005 , the report proved under item 15 , page 4 , the report of senior forensic physician, that will be shown later on under item II of our consultant report.

The report No. 10 jails forensic medicine proved the following:

The above mentioned patient was referred to Al-Maial Educational / Hospital , where a medical committee was formed to examine the patient. The committee said there is so severe medical problem at present and advised appropriate medical care plus indicated treatment with insulin to avoid heart and brain disorders. The patient proved suffering from glycosurea, high blood tension cholesterol and salts on the right kidney.

II - Legal medical report of the convict Ayman Abdul Aziz Nour in the case No. 184/2006 south Cairo investigation processing , made by a committee formed by the senior forensic doctors, Dr. Mostafa Ayman Mahmoud Fouda his assistant Dr. Kamal Al - Saadani , and Dr. Eid Kamal Mohamad (Lt- general physician in the jails medical dept. The report proved the following:

1- First page, the line before the last, "Heart arrythemia (heats & frequency).

2- Second page, (Last two lines) + first two lines in the 3rd page, the patient suffers from a chest pain, 8 yrs ago with blood high tension controlled by treatment. The patient suffers from diabetics, and treated with insulin, and has dangerous factors leading to mitral arteries deterioration, smoking , obesity , diabetic and fatty blood.

3- The 3rd page, item 7, the patient had a car accident in 5/9/1998, cervical spondylosis (side right posterior between indicates post nervous changes ).

4- Page 3, item 9, the report proved that, with MRI, a cervical spondylosis between 6/7 cervical vertebrae.

5- Page 3: item 10. the report proved degenerative change in the cervical cartilage between vertebrae 6/7 .

6- Page 3, item 13, the report proved that the patient was admitted to the hospital in coma for 10 min. the exams showed arrythemia , and hyperglycemia .

7- Page 5, line 12, 14 the report proved on 9/11/2006 that the patient has a long case history, and made a catheterization with bracket 5 years ago, and he is under treatment of diabetics, hypertension and heart diseases.

8- Page 6 item 17: The report indicated that, after a car accident in 1998 , a simple dislocation between the cervical vertebrae 6/6 due to cutting of ties , which resulted in pressure on the spinal cord , loss of sensation in the hand fists, the patient case did not respond to neck fix at or physiotherapy.



The patient needed to travel abroad where his case improved partially but he suffered from pressure on the cervical spinal cord. Item 17: Concluded that "the patient is recommended to specialized physiotherapy to avoid quadruple paralysis. 9- Page 8 , proved at the last paragraph tachycardia 95/ min. 10-Page 9, line 6, tachycardia 94/ min, line 24, tachycardia 94 /min . 11- Page 11, the report on 22/4/2006 , indicated that a medical committee of 6 physician was formed and presented a report stating: there is no severe medical problem at this time but the appropriated medical care is recommend so that non-compliance with insulin regular treatment may lead to disorder in blood sugar and damage both the heart and brain.

12- Page 12 , paragraph 4 , the report made by Dr. Magdi Fawzi Henaidi (British - Egyptian ) indicated that the patient upon examination was found suffering from :

1- Nervous colonists .

2- Chonic pelvic inflammations

3- severe prostatic inflammation

4- Hyperglycosuria.

5- Hyperglycocemia.

6- Sugar deficiency attacks (Fits)

7- The patient had previously heart catheterization made by Prof. Dr. Ezz El - Din al - Sawi, and needs another one.

d- The patient was recommended to be examined by cardiologist and vassalages to check his heart case and enlarge coronary arteries.

13- Page 13 , paragraph 6 , the report indicated that the legal doctor :George Barrakat Nassif , from fronsic medical staff examined the patient on 12/7/2006 and found no sign which seen by that legal doctor.

14- Page 12' paragraph 7 , the report by Prof .Dr . Amrou Ahmed Gad , Prof . of blood Vessels surgery in Cairo university hospitals indicated that the patient suffers from foot inflammated nerve ends .

15- Page 12 , last paragraph , the report by Prof .Dr . EZZ . El - Din Al - Saway , the Cardiologist indicated that the patient suffers from

: a- Hyperglycosuria .

b- Hypertension blood .

c- Mitral Malfunction .

d- The patient had diagnostic catheterization of the coronary arteries with brackets , chest pains and arrythemia .

16- Page 13, paragraph 5 , on 14/6/2006 the patient was examined by a medical committee in his jail , the medical committee in his Jail the medical committee was formed by the legal doctor and head of medical directorate upon decision of the G.A ( general attorney ) International Cooperation Bureau ,No . / 347 on 22/8/2006 . the report has been released yet . ( N.B the actual report was executed on 25/1/2007 )

17- Page 13 , the report indicated that pulse 108 / min . 18- Page 17 , item 4 : the report indicated the following .

Mr1 made on 6/12 /2006 showed that the patient suffers from 1 st class degeneration in the posterior born of the crescent cartilage joint of the two knee with a little mal in the right knee with album in reaction and little focuses from mucous degeneration in the crescent cartilage joint posterior horn with side dilation of the knee patella with other sound parts.

b- Fatty liver .

c- Coarse sediment in kidney .

c- Simple prismatic inflation ( swelling)

d- The oculist and surgeon Aymen Fawzi G 1/12/2006 Indicating that the patient suffers from simple changes in retina .

e- On 18/12/2006 a catheterization was made in heart arteries , the examination result came in CD , and suffers from theological effects and recommended for medical treatment.

19- The report indicated in page 19 , what we previously proved of cervical vertebrae, knees ,liver fats prostatic enlargement, the report indicated also that the patient suffers from hyperglycemia and blood hypertension .

The patient suffers form high sugar rate in blood with blood hypertaension syndrome that reported by medicine of critical cases Kasy - el - Eini sherif Mukhtar , Because of this cronic syndrome , the patient found to be suffering from .

- Simple changes due to diabetics in retina .

- Atheroma in metal arteries ( heart catheterization ).

- The report indicated that the patient needs :


medical treatment , special food system .

20- page 20,item 3 the report indicated that , on examining the end blood vessels in the two legs , sign of limbs blood circulation deficiency appeared in a form of coldness in the lower limbs , and sign of simple thickness in their blood vessels.

21- pages 20 , 21 item 4 : the report showed hyperglycosuria syndrome , of long effect , the case applies to the convict herein . This syndrome has many complications effecting the various blood vessels .

a- The limbar blood circle has effects on the lower limbs that may lead to glycol foot or glycogangrene .

b- This syndrome may lead to changes in vision due to affected retina caused by hyperglycosura (cronic)

. c- This syndrome affects the heart by narrowing the heart mitral blood vessels , that may cause sudden death by heart attack . This may occur without obvious sign . This syndrome may affects sensation which lessen feeling .

22- The committee headed by the senior legal doctor concluded that the general health case of the convict upon examination allows his continuation in his jail , (confinement ) with any danger or threat of life now if he is put under medical care of the jail specialized hospital for continuous treatment and observation .

Forensic Medicine Report Warns Of: "Sudden Death" For Ayman Nour We Expose Lies They Published and Promoted Secret File To whom benefit; Fallacy And Changing Realities Reach Up To This Limit The forensic medicine report edited on 25th., of January 25, the sickness condition of Dr. Ayman Nour, the report committee consisted of president of forensic medicine sector, and head of forensic medicine physicians Dr. Moustafa Ayman Fouda, and his assistant Dr. Kamal Al-Sa'adani, as well as, Brigadier Doctor Kamel Mohamed Ebeid, representative of Medical Department in Prisons Authority, report exposed the following: