N Name e-mail Job Site url Country Comments
01 Gameela Ismail  


and Political Activist

(Ayman Nour's wife)


Message from Ayman Nour from the Cairo Prison hospital:

Thank you very
much for your support, and thank you for believing in the importance of

02 Noor Ayman Nour  


(Ayman Nour's son)

  Egypt I am not only calling Mubarak to FREE AYMAN NOUR, I'm demanding him to
FREE MY FATHER. I thank all of you for giving Egypt another chance for
democracy, and for standing with us against Mubarak's rule of tyrrany.
03 Shady Ayman Nour  



(Ayman Nour's younger son)

04 Saad Eddin Ibrahim   Ibn Khaldun Center    Egypt  
05  Barbara Ibrahim   Ibn Khaldun Center    Egypt   

André Glucksmann

  Philosphe   France  
08 Anna Mahjar Barducci   President of the IslahNetwork Association   Morocco-Italy   
09 Hussain Sinjari    President of the Iraq Institute for Democracy    Iraq   
10 Shaker Nabulsi   Researcher   Jordan  
11 Magdi Khalil   Political Analyst   United States  
12 Emma Bonino   Member of the EP   Italy  
13  Tarek Heggy    Writer and Businessman    Egypt  
14  Amel Grami   Writer and Researcher    Tunisia   
15 Labidi Abdallah Mehdi   Printer by post  Tunisia  
16 Raphaël Glucksmann  

Journalist and Film maker

17 Daniele Bellasio   Vice director of Il Foglio   Italy  
18 Daniele Raineri   Journalist   Italy  
19 Edoardo Zamarra  

Accademic University of Zaragoza

20 Agenzia Radicale         Italy  
21 Salman Masalha    Writer and Poet    Jerusalem   
22 Yasmina Lakhmad   Student   France  
23 Tamim Osman   Director Libya Forum for Political and Human Development UK  
24 Amy Rosenthal   Accademic and Journalist   United States  
25 Francesco Esposito   Manager   Italy  
26 Stefano Zanini   Student   Italy I agree
27 Marisa Boni   Housewife   Italy  
28 Jo Strich   Journalist   Israel  
29 Sebastiano Rizzo   Journalist   Italy  
30 Gianni Vernetti  

Undersecretary of State

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

31 Samia Kouider       Algeria-Italy  
32 Claudia Fulgheri   Student   Italy  


Lorenzo Fornaro   Student   Italy  

Yasha Reibman



35 Amel Mahjar       Morocco  
36 Emanuele Ottolenghi   Lecturer UK  
37 Federico Punzi   Journalist Radio Radicale Italy Free Ayman Nour, Free Arab people!
38 Victor Magiar   Head of International Relations Department - Nat. Ass. of Italian
39 Angelo Pezzana   Journalist Italy  
40 Sherif Mansour   Senior Researcher at Ibn Khaldun Center Egypt  
41 Laura Camis de Fonseca   Pensioner   Italy  
42 Freedom for Egyptians   Freedom Activist Egypt "Rebellion against tyrants is obedience to God", Benjamin Franklin
43 Hussin Diban     Thailand Free Ayman Nour
44 Elham Manea   Political Scientist   Switzerland  
45 Razan Zaitouneh   Lawyer   Syria  
46 Andrea Affaticati   Journalist   Italy  
47 Jordan Luckystone       Canada  
48 Khairy Kamel   Surgeon   Egypt Egypt needs his party
49 Fran Woodiel   Govt   United States  
50 Mary Joyce   Teacher www Morocco Morocco is with you, democrats of Egypt
51 Troy Zimmermann       United States  
52 Firas Saad   Writer   Syria  
53 George Elkess   Engineer